About the Three Flaneurs:

Amrita Ravimohan is a designer by qualification, a researcher by profession and a writer by inclination. Travelling is her passion; she lives by the mantra “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. Luckily, life has given her the opportunity to spend long periods in cities as varied as Sydney, London & Shillong. Since the last 2 years as a supporter & friend of the North East Slow Food Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS), based in Meghalaya, she has had the chance to cement her interest in travel & food writing by contributing to publications such as The Shillong Times, The Financial Chronicle & the Victoria & Albert Museum blog. Her favourite question to ask herself is “When is the last time you did something for the first time?”.

Ekta Idnany is an explorer at heart and plans to use this blog space as an outlet to combine her love of architecture, travel, nature and writing. An architect, writer, academician- she wears many hats with ease and uses her travels to inform her practice of all three. After having extensively covered the USA & Europe, she has recently discovered destinations such as Taiwan and Japan that are not on the typical tourist map. She tries to combine her love for architecture and nature to choose holiday locations that provide her with unique experiences. Her new found passion for deep sea diving is something she intends to pursue in the near future.

Sahil Latheef is an architect, aspiring naturalist and avid instagrammer. Besides designing building, he has a keen interest in urban art projects, conservation and urban research. He has been part of several research initiatives that have been published and exhibited at multiple international architecture biennales. Over the past eight years he has also been passionately involved with architectural pedagogy at various design institutes as visiting design tutor, critic and lecturer and has lead multiple architecture field trips to various cities in Europe, Middle East and South Asia.